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Triptease messages are designed to make it easy for you to personalize the messages that customers see on your website, without needing to any access your website CMS or booking engine. But with so many options to customize and segment your messages at your fingertips, we thought it might be helpful to outline some top tips, best practices and examples to help you get started. 

  1. The great thing about Triptease messaging is that you can run multiple messages at the same time. We find it’s really effective to run at least one general message (that all your customers will be able to see) and one segmented message (that will target customers based on a variety of targeting factors like which page they are on, or what check in date they have entered). People respond best to messages that are personalized to their specific interests, so use the targeting functionality to make sure everyone sees messages that are relevant to them.

  2. Remember that if you have multiple hotels, you can create multiple messages per hotel too. This means messages can both highlight the unique selling points of your individual properties, and target specific types of guests too. How’s that for tailored messaging?

  3. Keep your message short and concise. The most popular messages usually have less than four lines of text. The less people have to read the better - and you can always upload an image to help get information across to your customers. Want to break a longer message down so people will read it? Add a bullet point list.

  4. Outline the value of booking direct in the heading. If you’re offering a 10% discount or free breakfast to direct bookers make sure that is the first thing they read. You can make this text stand out by changing the color or making it bold.

  5. Use font size, color and bold/italic text to highlight the specific value additions of booking direct within your message.

  6. Choose a relevant icon for your message or - better still - upload an image that will really catch your customers’ attention. Images are much more effective than words for conveying emotion to your potential guests - so it’s a great idea to create image-led messages during holiday seasons…

  7. Messages offering discounts perform particularly well. If you aren’t able to offer a discount to all guests, why not target high value customers using the Length of stay targeting option?

  8. Conversion rates are higher if you show the right content to the right customer. Take time to experiment and familiarize yourself with the targeting functionality so that you can offer really relevant information to guests. You can target by country, US state, language, webpage URL, check-in date, booking date, length of stay, new vs returning visitor and referral website. You can also select more than one targeting option to show exactly the right message to guests. 

Also remember to check out our content and styling tips on our message manager within the platform, so you can follow our top tips as you're crafting your message in real-time

Here are some examples to help you get started: 

Target by language
Keeping up-to-date translations of your entire website is an expensive business. Target by language to make sure your key messages land with everyone who visits your website. Easily update your offers and messages in a range of languages with no need to make complex changes to your actual website. 

Target by URL
Show potential guests offers and messages that are relevant to the exact page they are on. If they're looking at the bridal suite, show them an exclusive wedding offer. Are they on your spa page? Send them a 10% discount on treatments if they book direct. 

Target by check-in date

Target guests looking to arrive on a specific date with a tailored offer. National and international holidays, seasonal offers and dates when your occupancy is generally low can all be used to trigger targeted messages for guests with specific check-in dates.  

Target guests by booking date - advanced
Guest booking far in advance or at the last minute can also be targeted with tailored content to help them book. Select Booking date and choose either Advanced or Last minute

Guests searching in advance for dates over the holiday season could be shown exclusive festive offers. 

Target guests by booking date - last-minute

Targeting last-minute bookers is a great way to fill any rooms that would otherwise be left empty. 

Set Booking date targeting to reach last-minute bookers, then set the number of days from the check-in date that you’d like the message to appear.

Multiple segmentation capabilities

Ready to get really targeted? You can combine more than one kind of audience segmentation to create super-targeted messages too. For example:

Targeting by booking date and URL
Need to encourage hotel and spa bookings for the coming weekend? Target by URL and booking date (selecting Last minute booking) to offer direct booking offers to selected guests on your spa landing page. 

Target by check-in date and language
Combine check-in date and language targeting to offer highly tailored messaging around specific holidays. Your Chinese New Year offers could be uploaded in a range of languages to make sure all customers are able to understand and book direct. 

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