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Why is the Parity Manager showing a more expensive direct rate when my booking engine has cheaper rates available?
Why is the Parity Manager showing a more expensive direct rate when my booking engine has cheaper rates available?
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Parity Monitoring is powered by searches made by guests on a hotel website. The cheapest rate from the search i.e. the direct rate is compared against the cheapest rate for each configured OTA i.e. the OTA rate. If the direct rate is higher than any of the monitored OTA rates, that is recorded as an undercut for that itinerary.

Triptease takes into account every search made and the direct rate depends on the information displayed to the guest in that search. Sometimes users will take actions on your website that result in the direct price shown on the page being higher than your cheapest available rate, which can cause discrepancies in the Parity Manager. These include:

  • Filtering: The guest has filtered the search results in such a way that the cheapest rate is not displayed on the page. This may occur if they have visited your 'rooms' or 'offers' page on your marketing site before arriving at your booking engine.

  • Promo Codes: The search has a promo code (or package code, etc) that results in the cheaper rate not being displayed on the page

  • Inconsistent search and results: When the guest changes the search parameters i.e. search dates and/or occupancy the booking engine may update the search parameters first (1), then update the search results (2). This means there is a possibility that we scrape the page between these two events (1) and (2) resulting in old search results being logged against new search parameters.

At Triptease we have specifically engineered our scraping to eliminate discrepancies arising from these scenarios. However it is not possible to eliminate them completely. For instance, in privacy modes on certain browsers it is harder to catch these discrepancies.

If you see lots of these issues occurring for your hotel, please speak to Triptease support by using the chatbot found in the bottom right of your screen when on the Triptease platform or website.

Can this impact the guest's experience?

Since Triptease will never display a cheaper OTA rate on Price Check, hoteliers can be assured that their potential customers will not see a more expensive direct price appear on Price Check. Moreover, Price Check would usually have already displayed before the user filtered the results.

I would like Price Check and Parity Monitoring to work for certain promo codes. Is that possible?

By default, we do not use searches with promo codes for Price Check or Parity Monitoring. However, if you have promo codes that result in cheaper direct rates, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to configure this for you.

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