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When are my different Retargeting ads shown to potential guests?
When are my different Retargeting ads shown to potential guests?

Explaining the different scenarios in which your ads are shown

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Triptease Retargeting is uniquely able to tailor your display retargeting adverts to different guests based on where they are in their booking journey. Here are the different advert layouts we use and when they appear:

Triptease Retargeting Advert - Saved Search Details layout

Saved search details

This ad layout is displayed to high-intent users who have performed a search on your hotel website in the last 30 days, encouraging them to return and complete their direct booking. We show the potential guest the details of their most recent search on your booking engine.

Triptease Retargeting Advert Prices From Layout

Prices from...

This version of the ad is shown to higher-funnel traffic that has visited your site but hasn't yet searched. We show your lowest nightly rate to entice users back to your website, where you can then convert them into direct bookers.

Your website visitors may very occasionally be shown a third layout that doesn't contain any pricing data. This layout displays to a very small percentage of traffic in situations where pricing data cannot be accessed quickly enough from your booking engine. The vast majority of your potential guests will be shown one of the two price-led advert types described above.

If you notice that prices are missing from your adverts on a regular basis, get in touch with our Customer Success team and we'll check to see if there's an underlying issue.

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