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How Triptease Cart abandonment emails comply with GDPR laws
How Triptease Cart abandonment emails comply with GDPR laws

Learn how Triptease Cart abandonment emails comply with GDPR laws

Written by Megan Bryant
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Under GDPR laws businesses must have a lawful basis for processing personal data. There are two ways you can capture customer data:

  1. Consent (Email Capture Message) you can obtain consent from the individual to send them Cart abandonment emails. This can be done using a Triptease Email Capture Message which allows guests to give their consent to receive emails.

  2. Legitimate interest (Guest Email Detection) In order for Triptease Cart abandonment emails to be GDPR compliant, the customer has to express ‘Legitimate interest’. In this scenario, the customer has inputted their email address on the checkout page, signalling that they have a legitimate interest in the business in question.

Legitimate Interest in Cart abandonment emails

Legitimate interest is one of the six lawful bases for processing personal data. Businesses must have a lawful basis in order to process personal data in line with the ‘lawfulness, fairness and transparency’ principle.

To process Cart Abandonment for legitimate interest, a business must adhere to the three-part assessment

Purpose test

Businesses need to specify the legitimate interest in sending abandoned cart emails.

Sending abandoned cart emails falls under direct marketing, and direct marketing constitutes legitimate interest.

Necessity test

Businesses need to demonstrate that sending out abandoned cart emails is necessary and proportional to achieving the legitimate interest you identified in the first step.

Triptease needs to show that there are no less intrusive and equally effective direct marketing methods than emails.

Balance test

Businesses need to balance your legitimate interests against your prospects' rights and freedoms and ensure that their rights do not override your legitimate interests.

In this step, Triptease needs to consider whether email campaigns are intrusive for prospects and whether they would expect to receive such emails.

✅ We’ve carried out the impact assessment and we are complying with GDPR laws to capture and send cart abandonment emails.

What happens if I create a Cart abandonment campaign from my CRM?

Any email addresses collected via the Cart abandonment campaign should be used for Cart abandonment recovery emails only. Usage for any other purposes would violate GDPR laws.

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