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How can I see how much revenue my message has generated?
How can I see how much revenue my message has generated?
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You can see the total direct revenue driven by all your Targeted Messages at the top of the Messages Dashboard.

You can also see the revenue per click data for each message in the Messages Table.

Revenue per click is a more useful metric to monitor than the total revenue for a message, because it allows you to track the message performance more accurately over time.

For example, a message that has been live for six month might have total revenue of $30k, but it’s possible that the $30k was generated all within the first three months of the message being live. For every month following that, the law of diminishing returns sets in and the message becomes less effective - but the hotelier has no way of knowing that that’s what is happening. All they see is the total $30k, they have no information on when it was generated and how it’s changing over time.

Using revenue per click rather than absolute revenue gives an ongoing view the interactions that drove that revenue. That means the hotelier will notice when a campaign has stopped driving any impact and needs to be paused or refreshed.

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