If your messages are not displaying, it might be because you've created language variants that don't match the language of your website. We don't display messages that don't match your website language, because it's a better experience for your website visitors to see messages in the same language as the rest of your website. 

If the message language matches the HTML language attribute of your website, or a version of your website, your message will appear. Similarly - and this is really important if you don’t have an HTML language attribute on your website - if we can’t see what language your website appears in but all your messages are created in the same language then we will assume that is your website language and your campaigns will appear. 

However if you don’t have HTML language tagging on your website and you have even one message language variant that is different from the rest we can’t make that assumption, and none of your messages will appear. So it’s really important to double check that all versions of your website are tagged with the relevant language attribute, or that all your messages are created in the same language, with absolutely no variants at all.  

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