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How can I create consistent branding across On-site Messages
How can I create consistent branding across On-site Messages
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You can now access the branding options by navigating to the header menu, then selecting Account > Settings > Branding. This option, found in the left-hand navigation menu, allows you to set default styling options that apply to eleven message types, excluding Chat. These styling choices include fonts, colors, message shapes, and various button shapes (pill, round, and square) as well as message frames (square and rounded).

Through the Branding option within the Settings section, you can customize the default styling for a wide range of message types such as Nudge, Email Capture, Full Screen, Undercut, and seven other types. Select fonts and colors that align with your hotel’s branding to create a cohesive look across your site.

While the design of on-site messages can be manually adjusted within the Design tab of the Message Builder, using the Branding settings ensures a consistent and seamless brand experience throughout your website.

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