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Complying with Google's Price Accuracy policy
Complying with Google's Price Accuracy policy
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According to Google Hotel Ads Center, Google requires that you maintain a consistent and discernible presentation of the room/rate the user selected on Google’s site, and a reasonable booking flow in order to ensure a positive user referral experience.

What does this mean for hotels?

The price that appears in meta bidding needs to be prominently displayed on your booking engine. If you're not quite sure what that means, take a look at their examples for some clarification.

In short, if you display rates without taxes and fees, your Google Hotel Ads campaigns should as well.

If you don't think that this is configured correctly for your hotel, get in touch with the Customer Success team who will be happy to help.

Why does this matter?

Google calculates a Price Accuracy Score, which is used to determine the placement of your meta bidding.

To calculate your Price Accuracy Score, Google will regularly validate the price the user sees from landing on the partner's site though the final booking page. Google may not check every price shown to users, but at a minimum chooses a representative sample. For partners where the booking doesn't happen on your site (for example metasearch partners who take users to another site), Google will still validate the price through the final partner's booking page.

The consequences of having a poor score range from higher costs to the removal of your direct site from the ad space.

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