If your website is available to your visitors in a variety of languages, then we recommend creating Message Porter campaigns in those languages too. 

My website is only available in one language

If your website is only available in one language, you will only be able to create campaigns in that language. This is because it provides a better experience for you website visitors to see all the elements of your online service in one consistent language. So if your website is in Spanish, your Message Porter campaigns should be in Spanish too.  

My website is available in multiple languages

If your website is available in several languages - for example English, French and German - then we'd recommend creating versions of your Message Porter campaigns for each of those languages. 

If your website is available in a wide range of different languages then take a look at the traffic to those versions of your website in your Google Analytics account. Use the information to work out which languages it would make the most sense to create your campaigns in. 

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