If you want to display a specific Message Porter campaign on a particular page of your website (i.e. a dining offer on your restaurant page) that is easy to set up in the Campaign Manager

All you need to do is click on Create Campaign and then select Targeting in the left hand menu. 

Click to Add a condition. 

Next, select Browsing behaviour: URL. You will then be able to enter the web address (for example http://www.yourhotel.com/restaurant) of the page you want your campaign to appear on. 

Make sure you add the full URL (including the http://). You can add as many URLs as you like by clicking the plus sign underneath the previous URL you entered. Your campaign will trigger when your customer attempts to leave any of those pages. 

You can also exclude specific URLs from allowing your campaign to appear - more on that here

We’ve found that clients who have been running campaigns with URL targeting are seeing good results - particularly when the promotion or incentive relates to the content of the page that the customer is viewing. Because of this we’re now encouraging hotels to make URL targeting a focus point of their Message Porter campaign strategy. This level of focused targeting produces great results. 

Learn more about how Message Porter campaigns are prioritised 


Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Rate offers and promotions on specific room pages 
  • Relevant discounts on your restaurant, spa, wedding or golf pages 
  • Event-related promotions on any event pages 
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