When you create a Message Porter campaign, the second step you’ll need to take is to decide which website visitors see the campaign. This is called Targeting. You can target by:

  • Hotel
  • Check-in date
  • Length of stay
  • Booking date (use this to create advanced and last minute offer campaigns)
  • URL (the webpage they’re currently looking at)
  • Country (the location they're visiting your website from)

So, if you wanted to target visitors based on their booking information you’d probably be looking at hotel, check-in date and length of stay.

If you have a play around with the Campaign Builder, you’ll see that you can add multiple targeting conditions to your campaigns, and choose a combination of any of these conditions to select exactly which audience type will see your campaign. 

So if you wanted to target a message to customers who are booking three or more nights in a specific hotel and checking in during a particular date range, you'd need to select your hotel from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, then click the Targeting tab to add Length of stay and Check-in date conditions. You can see how this works in the video below. 

To be honest, the best way to get properly familiar with all the various ways you could segment and target your customers by booking information (or anything else!) is to log in and start building campaigns. And if you get stuck, customersuccess@triptease.com is always here to help you… 

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