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Why do you measure sessions rather than visitors?
Why do you measure sessions rather than visitors?
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In order to bring the Triptease Platform in line with best practices employed by other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, we now record data for sessions rather than visitors. The numbers that you see in your Dashboard won’t change much at all, and there are a number of reasons why we made this change: 

  • From a technical perspective, this change allows us to display insights in the Dashboard in a much faster, more stable way. This will also mean that we can add and improve the data we provide more rapidly too. 

  • This brings our analysis in line with industry leaders such as Google Analytics, while still preserving the unique nature of the insights that the Triptease Platform tailors specifically for the hotel industry. 

  • From a data perspective, we no longer treat one person who booked on your website twice as one booker (or visitor), but rather as two bookings (or sessions). We know that hotels would consider one person who made two separate bookings to be two separate data points and we wanted our Dashboard to reflect this. The only exception to this rule is when one person makes two bookings on the same day. 

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