What are Targeted Messages?
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Targeted Messages allow you to show specific, personalized messages to your website visitors, encouraging them to book directly on your website. Personalized experiences and dynamic messaging have been shown to dramatically increase conversion rate. With Triptease messaging, hoteliers can experiment with different messages quickly and easily. 

There are currently four main message types available via the Triptease Platform, but with a huge range of targeting and design options available in the self-service Message Manager, hoteliers can create thousands of different kinds of messages to help convert their guests. 

Notifications display automatically based on visitor behaviour. Currently there are three types of Notification available: 

Searcher and Booker Notifications show potential customers how many people have searched or booked on your website in the past 24 hours. A Location Notification allows you to show guests exactly where your hotel is location, and list the benefits of that. 

Nudge Messages

Nudge Messages display when a customer arrives on your website, or on a timed delay. They allow you to provide relevant offers and messages to your customers at points along their journey through your website. They're smaller and more subtle than a full screen pop-up message. 

Email Capture Messages

An Email Capture Message allows potential guests to submit their email address so that you can contact them directly. This is a great message type to use to bring guests back to your website if they weren’t quite ready to book the first time round. It appears in the same place as a Nudge Message - the bottom left hand side of the screen. 

Full Screen Messages

A Full Screen Message appears when a customer has shown signs that they are about to leave your website. This type of message is your last chance to grab someone’s attention and to stop them from leaving and booking somewhere else. Your message will appear with headline text, message text, an icon or image and a call to action button. Additionally the rest of your website will be temporarily concealed by a shaded overlay so that the full screen message is as prominent as possible.

Pricing Messages  
Price Check appears on your website when a guest has made a search and you have the best rate or are in parity with your selected OTAs. It allows guests to see that they don't need to go back to an OTA website to get the best price for a room at your hotel, and also gives you a chance to tell them about any other additional benefits of booking direct.

A Pricing Undercut Message will display in place of Price Check on the occasions when your direct price is being undercut by an OTA. It gives you an opportunity to invite a customer to get in touch directly to get the best price. 

Message design and targeting 

What’s really cool about Targeted Messages is that you can customize these messages depending on the specific hotel your customer is looking at, their length of stay, their check in dates or even what page of your website they are currently looking at. That means you can offer specific discounts to customers booking - for example - a two week holiday, or display a discounted beauty treatments on your spa page. 

The Message Builder also has a range of templates and simple, self-service design tools to allow you to create messages that perfectly match your brand and website. 

Interested in learning more about what Triptease messaging can do? The following articles will tell you more about targeting, design, automatic translations and testing different variants of your messages to discover which work best for your customers.

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