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Switching Guide: Setting up your first personalized message
Switching Guide: Setting up your first personalized message
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Triptease website messaging tools offer thousands of ways to message website visitors and you can set up and customize a message in minutes. One of the most effective messages you can use is a Full Screen Message. This displays if a visitor is showing signs that they might leave your website.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a Full Screen Message

  1. Select your message type
    Go to the Message Manager and click the button in the top right of the screen to Create Message.  From the list of message types, select Full Screen on exit. 

  2. Choose where your message will appear
    Give your message a name so you can recognize it internally, select which property the message is for and then which pages of that hotel’s website it should appear on. 

  3. Target your audience
    There are lots of ways to target specific types of guests in the Audience tab, but as this is your first message, let's just target everyone. That means you can skip this step for now if you want to. 

  4. Design your message
    Add a headline highlighting your direct booking offer and some text or bullet points explaining why direct is best. Style your message up with images, fonts and colours to match your brand. 

  5. Decide what your message should do
    Is your call to action button going to direct customers to a new page (e.g. your booking engine?) or just close the message and keep them where they are? Add the URL you’re sending them to if need and you’re ready to publish your first Full Screen Message

Full Screen Messages are just one of the options available to you in Targeted Messages. Find out about the full range of message types you could try.

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