When inviting new members to your team within the Settings left-side navigation bar, you can choose whether they are Users or Admins. This is done by either checking the 'Admin' box when sending out the initial invite, or by editing their permissions within the 'All teammates' list on the Manage your team dashboard.

While both a User and Admin can access the vast majority of the Triptease platform, there are certain actions that can only be performed by Admins. The list of permissions is as follows:

Users and Admins can:

  • view Parity Monitoring and Parity Insights

  • archive disparities

  • view Message Manager and insights for all messages

  • edit and set messages live

  • see the team

  • invite team members as Users

  • change personal email frequency and notifications

  • modify campaigns

Only Admins can:

  • invite team members as Admins

  • add and remove hotels from user permissions

  • change Chat settings

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