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What is a Crisis Management Message?
What is a Crisis Management Message?
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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 global health crisis, we’ve provided a new full screen message designed to display when customers arrive on your website. This allows you to inform visitors immediately of any important safety information or flexible booking policies that would be helpful for them to read. 

Like our Full Screen Exit Message, this is a style of message that is designed to interrupt the customer journey and ensure your potential guest notices the message you'd like them to see. That means it’s important to use these with some caution and restraint. Use them to share information that needs to be delivered right away - communicating how your hotel is managing the coronavirus outbreak, for example. This will provide reassurance to your potential customers and encourage bookings from people who are still looking to travel. 

This message will be shown once a day to avoid repeatedly disrupting the same customer’s booking experience with information that they have already seen. 

Your Crisis Management Message also has the same targeting conditions and performance metrics as a Full Screen on Exit Message. You can access these features in the Message Manager as you usually would. 

This message was created to help hotels respond to the current global health crisis and the impact it’s having on the hospitality industry. We’ll be monitoring engagement and performance data for these messages closely and will likely continue to make changes to the functionality of the message in the coming weeks to ensure it remains useful for hotels and their guests. 

If you're looking for a quicker and slightly more subtle way to inform customers about COVID-19 related information or your flexible booking policies, we've also added a range of Crisis Management Nudge Message templates to the Message Manager. 

Your feedback is particularly crucial to us at this time so please do let us know how this message is working for you and if there’s anything we could do to improve it. 

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