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How do I replicate an OTA undercut?
How do I replicate an OTA undercut?
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Here are the steps to follow when you’re trying to replicate an undercut: 

  1. Go to your own website and search the exact dates and number of adults and children in the original search to find the ‘Direct Price’. You can use the link provided on the Parity Monitoring page to take you directly back to the booking engine page where we first detected the undercut.

  2. Next, click on the link to the OTA in who is undercutting you which is provided in Parity Monitoring. You could also do this search manually with the exact same criteria if the URL link is not available. 

  3. If the price matches those in Parity Monitoring, then you've successfully replicated the undercut and you can reach out to the OTA to resolve the issue! If not, continue following these steps. 

  4. We usually provide a URL link in Parity Monitoring to the OTA we’ve tracked, but sometimes you will have to manually visit the website and change the currency and/or the country to replicate the exact settings of the website visitor who found the undercut price.

  5. Use the information about where the visitor was from and what currency they were using to recreate the search manually. This information is all available in Parity Monitoring on the right panel of the disparity.
    - allows you to change the country and currency in the top banner of their website
    - allows you to change the currency in the top bar of their website
    - doesn’t allow you to change the country or currency. In order to replicate an disparity, you will need to change the website domain to for European/Asian hotels or for English hotels.

  6. If you're still having trouble replicating a disparity here are three quick checks you can do to try solve the issue. 

  7. Finally, if you’re having trouble replicating the direct price, check the following:
    - Could it be a package rate, a members only rate or a corporate rate?
    - Alternatively, is this a room type that has sold out since the undercut was initially reported?

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