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What types of Notification messages are available with Triptease messaging?
What types of Notification messages are available with Triptease messaging?
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Hotels currently have access to three types of Notifications - Searcher, Booker and Location. These are designed to encourage your website visitors to take action and book direct. 

Searcher Notifications

The Searcher Notification displays a short note that lets visitors know the number of people who have searched over the past 24 hours. This gives customers confidence that the hotel is a popular choice, creating a sense of urgency that should help drive them into action. Here is an example of a searcher notification

This type of message has been deliberately designed to display only when the number of searchers in the past 24 hours is greater than ten. This guarantees that the Searcher Notification achieves the desired goal of making the hotel appear popular.

The data that drives these notifications is tracked via Triptease. We track all searchers as part of our integration so we know this data is accurate.

Booker Notification 

Booker Notifications function in a very similar way to Searcher Notifications in that customers can see how many people have booked on your website in the past 24 hours. A Booker Notification will only display if there has been more than three bookers in the past 24 hours - so you don’t need to worry about this message appearing when you haven’t had any recent bookings.

Location notification

A Location Notification displays a short note about the location of your hotel, with a clickable link that opens a Google map showing exactly where the property is. Under the map, there is space for three location highlights, explaining the benefits of staying in the area. The example below shows both the notification and the expanded map.

Many visitors are looking for location-related information when deciding where to stay, so helping your website visitors to understand the unique benefits of your local area - whether that is your proximity to local cultural attractions, distance from the airport, or suitability for an upcoming event - is a great step towards helping more visitors choose your hotel.

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