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How Triptease collects and uses data
What client hotel data does Triptease hold and why?
What client hotel data does Triptease hold and why?
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Triptease holds client hotel data in two capacities:

  1. As data processor on behalf of the client hotel.

  2. As data controller.

The data we hold as your data processor is data about your website visitors. This includes the data that your website visitors submit. For example, a guest might share their email address via an Email Capture Message. Additionally, Triptease products collect information such as the guest’s IP address, city, country, browser information and device information, etc in order to recognize returning guests and provide a personalized experience. As data controller we also hold and process client data. This is data related to the platform users from your hotel (which may include their name, email address, user ID and phone number, but also browser and device information). We use this to provide the best possible experience on the Triptease Platform.

We also process data of employees of our client hotels who we are or have been in contact with about the hotel’s partnership with Triptease. These can include their contact details (name, email and phone number) but also job title and previous conversations with Triptease employees. These are processed in order to manage your hotel’s partnership with us.

If you have any other questions about the data we hold or GDPR, then please get in touch with us via

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