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How can I download the email addresses I have collected via my Email Capture Messages?
How can I download the email addresses I have collected via my Email Capture Messages?
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There are two ways to access the emails you’ve collected via an Email Capture Message. Firstly, you can download all the customer emails to a csv file straight from the Message Manager whenever you like. Just click the Download icon next to the Duplicate Message icon on the right hand side of the relevant message. Clicking this icon will download all details captured for that message.

The csv will include: 

  • The date and time the email was collected (UTC time zone) 

  • The visitor’s email address

  • The URL of the page the email address was collected on 

The data downloaded will respect any date-related filters that have been applied in the Message Manager at the time of the download (i.e. if your Message Manager view is set to seven days, your csv will only include emails collected during that time frame). 

You can also be emailed each time a visitor submits their email address. When you create an Email Capture Message just check the box in the Email collection notification section of the Behaviour tab to confirm that you'd like to be emailed every time a visitor submits their email address, and then add the email address you'd like those notifications to be sent to. 

One important thing to note is that - as this message is collecting visitors’ email addresses, which is personally identifiable information - we want to make sure this is all above board and GDPR compliant. We have added in a tick box into the message design, so that you can get explicit consent from the visitor to collect their email address. Until you have completed the Email consent section of the Design tab in the Message Builder, you will not be able to publish your message. Similarly, until a customer has ticked the checkbox on the message when it appears on your website, they will not be able to submit their email address.

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