1. Create a new Email Capture Message or select an existing Email Capture Message(s)

  2. In the ‘Behaviour’ tab, you’ll notice a new field called ‘Send to CRM’

    Send to CRM feature in Behaviour Tab on Message Dashboard

3. Select the CRM configuration from the dropdown. This should be the contact list you want to store the guest emails in within your Revinate dashboard. (That’s why we recommend keeping the name simple and consistent).

4. You can select multiple Contact Lists. This will send the guest emails to all the associated configurations (Contact Lists) in your Revinate dashboard.

5. That’s the CRM part done! Now you can continue with your message creation process - add targeting, create your design, review… and publish!

6. Your Email Capture Message is now connected to your CRM. It’s probably a good idea to do a test email to make sure you’ve connected to the correct Contact List in your Revinate dashboard.

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