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How to connect your Email Capture Messages to Revinate
How to connect your Email Capture Messages to Revinate
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  1. Click on 'Settings' then 'CRM Contact Lists' in the Message Manager dashboard to connect your Revinate CRM.

  2. You can then create as many Contact Lists in Revinate as they want depending on the specific campaigns e.g ‘Summer Campaign List’, ‘Black Friday List’, etc

  3. Not sure how to create a contact list in Revinate? Click here for instructions

In the Triptease platform

  1. Name: You’ll need to name a specific connection to a contact list from your Revinate dashboard. This is quite similar to giving a message a title in the Message Manager. We recommend you use the same name as your Revinate contact list for easy identification.

  2. CRM: For now, there’s just one choice - Revinate

  3. CRM Token: Add the CRM token for the Contact List you wish to integrate with Triptease Email Capture. The token is accessible in your Revinate dashboard once you create a Contact List.

  4. Save the CRM configuration you’ll have a successful connection.

  5. Finally, don’t forget you can create multiple CRM configurations depending your marketing strategy and website goals.

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