Attribution is a number you’ll only see in the Message Manager. That’s because it shows a hotel that we are attributing a conversion to a specific message i.e. we’re sure that the conversion happened as a direct result of a guest seeing that particular message. We have strict rules around attribution and will only attribute a conversion to a message if it complies with these rules

Influence is less about directly attributing a conversion to a specific message (or any other Triptease product) and more about understanding the role a Triptease product has played in a guest’s journey towards booking. 

When a message is clicked on as part of a guest’s journey we consider that guest to have been influenced by it. The interaction may not meet the criteria to be considered attributable, but if the message is open for between five seconds and ten minutes, and then closed either by using the ‘X’ button or the call to action button then it would qualify for having had an influence on the guest. 

Any conversion that happens after seeing this message would not be attributed to the message (unless it complied with our attribution rules above) but we would still count that booking as having been influenced by Triptease. 

Find out more about how we determine that a customer has been influenced by Triptease.  

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